Obstetrics (Maternity) & Neonatal

Caring for your newborn

We know that new parents have a lot to learn and remember when caring for their newborn.

To help you establish a good relationship with your newborn, we encourage you to provide care in your room, with our support as needed. Our midwives will assist you in all areas of care for your newborn, helping you learn techniques for swaddling and settling, bathing, feeding and changing baby’s nappies.  

With your consent, we will undertake the following as part of the routine care of your newborn. Vitamin K, also known as Konakion is given to babies soon after birth. This assists their blood clotting mechanism, which is impaired at birth, to prevent any possibility of bleeding. On the same day, your baby will be vaccinated against Hepatitis B as part of the national immunisation program. 

A blood test, called the Neonatal Screening Test or Guthrie, is carried out on all babies born in Australia to detect metabolic disorders on the third day after birth. This test consists of only a heel prick to obtain the blood required.



Our midwives will assist you to establish the feeding method of your choice. However, we recommend breastfeeding according to your baby’s needs.

Our midwives have extensive experience in managing all aspects of breastfeeding. It is important to ask for supervision of your breast feeds for as long as you feel is needed. We aim to provide optimal support as you establish the special relationship between mother and baby. 

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