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Osteoporosis and bone health 16 September 2022

When you think about everything we ask of them, for most of us, our bones are pretty tough and they keep everything in the right spot pretty well, but as we get older, the trusty components of our skeletal framework can slowly lose their strength – becoming less dense and more fragile, and usually thanks to osteoporosis.

Endometriosis 16 September 2022

It’s estimated that over 10% of Australian females will suffer from endometriosis at some point in their life , and sadly, many of them will do so in silence. The impacts of this can be both painful and devastating. But what exactly is it, and how can it be treated?

Pelvic floor health 16 September 2022

The pelvic floor is an important group of muscles located at the very base of our torso. They’re not as glamorous as their near neighbours, the ‘abdominals’ (the ones that make up a ‘six-pack’), or as well-known as the gluteals (buttocks), but their job is arguably a lot more important. Many of us, however don’t ever think about these hard-working, unseen muscles, until something goes wrong.

Tips for a better nights rest 1 March 2022

Ahhh… a good night’s sleep. It’s one of life’s great joys, and in fact is one of the most essential components of a healthy lifestyle. For most people, between six and eight hours of sleep is ideal, and as we get older, we generally need fewer hours of sleep. But no matter how many hours of sleep we get each night, the quality of that sleep is critical.

Looking after your knees 1 March 2022

Day after day, year after year, our knees can really take a battering. Obviously, we need them to stand, kneel, jump, walk and steady ourselves, but if you’ve ever damaged your knee you’ll also know how much we rely on their stability just to sit and lie down comfortably. And while many of us will take an interest when our favourite sportspeople suffer debilitating knee injuries, we often take our own joints for granted, until it’s too late.

Healthy habits for a healthier lifestyle 13 January 2022

Modern life seems to be full of so-called time and labour-saving devices, but even so, it’s easy to feel as if we don’t actually have enough time in the day to look after ourselves. Exercise can go out the window, good diet takes second place to convenience, we forget to take breaks and a decent night’s sleep becomes an elusive luxury. But all these things can actually be doing us harm. The good news is, these habits are easy to break, and can be replaced by better habits for good health and wellbeing.

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Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Seek advice from an appropriately qualified health practitioner before proceeding with any procedure.