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The Burnside Hospital’s Strategic Plan 2015 – 2018 has been developed by the organisation to establish the direction and framework for the four year period with the intent to inform the community and key stakeholders of the goals and objectives. This new plan builds upon previous plans and incorporates some of the forces and challenges shaping the Burnside Hospital within the context of current and future directions of healthcare within Australia. The Burnside Hospital is pleased to present to you our Strategic Plan and we trust that it will instil confidence in our future and certainty in our sustainability to enable us to continue to provide high quality care to our patients.


1. Community
• Engage with the wider South Australian community to grow the hospital’s brand
• Participate in health promoting activities both within and outside the hospital
• Develop a marketing plan that incorporates all existing and potential new referral pathways
• Establish a mechanism for the involvement of consumers in the business
• Establish good corporate citizen guiding principles and strategy
• Maximise the opportunity for volunteers to connect with the hospital

2. Governance
• Oversee the development and implementation of the quality, safety and risk frameworks
• Ensure the participation of consumers in the development of future plans for the operation of the hospital
• Support the development of a marketing plan that encourages participation of all stakeholders in the business
• Provide oversight and direction of the potential clinical growth
• Pursue the facility master planning options in context with the planned clinical growth
• Ensure that organisation structure and leadership models exist to achieve the goals
• Continue to evaluate all aspects of the hospital’s business
• Provide a facility wide risk management framework
• Continually evaluate the governance framework

3. Care
• Ensure that clinical service provision is evidence based
• Continue to improve the quality of care to all patients and their families
• Deliver the model of care for patients that is articulated and evaluated
• Ensure that a robust safety and quality program is embedded across the hospital
• Deliver a clinical risk profle for the hospital
• Provide opportunity for innovation by supporting staff to engage, enquire and change practice
• Make research and benchmarking data from various sources available and evaluated
• Inform future clinical development by utilising available resources
• Incorporate formal mechanisms to include visiting medical offcers in monitoring and evaluating practice by way of structured clinical audits
• Incorporate horizon scanning with regard to new medical technologies and treatments
• Incorporate patient feedback mechanisms to ensure continued improvement meets expectations


4. People
• Ensure that leadership embraces a safe, flexible and highly skilled workforce that enables the development of a  team approach
• Develop a plan to ensure that the workforce is available, adaptable and ready for change
• Develop new roles and opportunities for staff in order to meet patient care demands
• Develop strategies to equip leaders to maximise the generational workforce opportunities
• Ensure that strategies are in place that make Burnside Hospital a destination employer
• Develop a strategy for career development and advancement within the organisation

5. Partnerships
• Continue to embrace visiting medical offcers to facilitate identifcation and participation with the
hospital thereby improving care and referrals
• Continue to improve relationships with all key stakeholders such as local residents, suppliers
and council
• Ensure that the supporting on site clinical partners such as pathology, radiology and allied health continue to embrace the direction of care
• Engage with the education sector to provide opportunities for staff and to maximise exposure to the next generation of worker

6. Sustainability
• Ensure the fnancial viability of the hospital
• Develop a clinical master plan that reflects growth and can be supported by staff
• Develop a future building master plan to support the clinical activity of the hospital
• Ensure overall achievement and improvements in effciencies within the operation of the hospital
• Manage the risk associated with the clinical profle of the hospital
• Manage the development and implementation of the information systems required to maintain an effcient and effective hospital
• Ensure ongoing evaluation and implementation of new medical technologies occurs within a structured framework


Strategic Plan

22 February 2018 / 2 MB / pdf

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