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Consumer Advisory Group

The Burnside Hospital is now seeking Consumer Advisory Group members who can represent their community.

Burnside Hospital recognises the evidence supporting the immense value that partnerships with consumers provide to the quality of healthcare and in response to the legislative requirement for engagement, Burnside Hospital has committed to the establishment of a Consumer Advisory Group (CAG).


The CAG will provide a structured partnership between consumers and/or carers and Burnside Hospital, facilitating meaningful discussions for the provision of advice, direction and advocacy for planning, delivery, design, measurement and evaluation of healthcare services at Burnside Hospital.


Expressions of Interest are sought from consumers and carers (past or current) or community members with knowledge and experience of community health services to join the CAG as a Consumer Representative.


The CAG will:

  • Provide advice to BH on consumer, carer and community views so they are taken into consideration in service delivery, planning and policy development, where appropriate.
  • Comment on priority areas and issues requiring consumer and community engagement.
  • Comment on behalf of the community, including special needs consumers.
  • Facilitate communication between consumer, carer and community groups and the BH.


Key Responsibilities of a Consumer Representative:

  • Actively participates as a member of the CAG
  • Confidentially advocate for people they will be asked to represent
  • Bring a consumer/carer/community member perspective to all discussion and decision making
  • Possess a good understanding of matters that affect people receiving healthcare services.
  • Have well developed interpersonal skills including the ability to work as part of a team and maintain good working relationships with team members and other stakeholders.


Membership Eligibility

  • Members are consumers, carers or community persons who may have had first-hand experience of healthcare delivery at BH.
  • Members should ideally be active in the community, with community networks and a sound understanding of local or regional healthcare issues.
  • Members must be 18 years of age or older.


Frequency of meetings

  • Meetings will be held quarterly. The Chair can call additional out of session meetings if required.


Payment and Reimbursement

  • Members of the CAG are volunteers and do not receive remuneration.

To apply:

Please complete the below application form and submit it together with a brief summary of your experience and what you are able to contribute to the CAG.


Submit your application to:


Olivia Harvey, Communications and Marketing Coordinator

Burnside War Memorial Hospital

120 Kensington Road

Toorak Gardens SA 5065

Or via email oharvey@burnsidehospital.asn.au


Applications must be received by COB Friday 1st December 2017.


About the Burnside Hospital:

Burnside Hospital is a not for profit community-based hospital that has 76 beds, five operating theatres and a range of services and clinics to care for and support the thousands of patients who choose to have their healthcare needs met at the hospital each year.

The hospital’s vision is to sustainably serve current and future generations of the South Australian community by delivering excellent outcomes for patients.

The hospital was awarded four years’ accreditation from the Australian Council on Healthcare Standards in October 2014 under the EQuiPNational Standards. These standards include the 10 mandatory National Safety & Quality Health Service Standards designed by the Australian Commission for safety & Quality in Healthcare to provide a nationally consistent statement of the level of care consumer should expect from health services. The accreditation provides the community with a clear message that the hospital, board, management staff and volunteers are committed to excellence in healthcare with a strong & continuous focus on safety, quality and performance.

Consumer Advisory Group - Application Form

9 November 2017 / 232 KB / pdf

Consumer Advisory Group - Terms of Reference

9 November 2017 / 390 KB / pdf

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