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Burnside Hospital Foundation

Project Catalogue 2022

To improve the outcomes and experiences of our patients, we are seeking support for the following items.

The Burnside Hospital Foundation raises funds to purchase and upgrade our equipment, providing doctors and staff with the best tools to provide the highest level of care for patients.

If you are interested in contributing towards one of these items or would like further information, please contact:

Burnside Hospital Foundation
P: 08 8202 7222

Please note the below information is correct as of November 2021 and may be subject to change.

Syringe Pump $1,675

A syringe pump continuously delivers medicines under the skin, managing symptoms more comfortably (particularly for those who struggle with oral medication). 

Cost: $1,675

Alaris GH Plus Syringe Pump

Medication Fridge $3,365

Specially designed fridges for the storage of sensitive medications for patients, with alarms to notify staff of changes in temperature.

Cost: $3,365

Medication Fridge

High Flow Oxygen Delivery Unit $4,450

The Optiflow THRIVE is a unique airway management therapy, providing oxygen to patients under general anaesthesia, sedation and during post anaesthesia care.

Cost: $4,450

THRIVE High Flow Oxygen Delivery Unit

Patient Beds $4,705

The new beds comply with the most demanding international standards, increasing patient comfort and independence with easy to access controls, and greater prevention of pressure injuries, patient falls and cross infection.

Cost: $4,705

Patient Beds

Blanket Warmers $4,990

Providing additional comfort by warming blankets for patients recovering from anaesthetic, and for older patients who have a propensity to feel more extremes of temperature.

Cost: $4,990

Blanket Warmer

Intraoperative Patient Warming System $11,778

A heated operating theatre mattress to provide safe and controlled warming for patients during surgery, for the prevention of hypothermia and reduced recovery time.

Cost: $11,778

Intraoperative Patient Warming System

ENT Handpiece $12,487

The ENT Straightshot M5 Microdebrider is a state-of-the-art surgical handpiece used in rhinoplasty surgery, minimising the amount of instruments required while maximising tool control.

Cost: $12,487

ENT Straightshot Handpiece (M5)

Eye Surgery Beds $13,750

The Eye Surgery Stretcher is a specially designed operating bed that gives surgeons ample room to manoeuvre while performing delicate eye surgery procedures.

Cost: $13,750

Eye Surgery Stretcher

Bladder Scanner $16,330

A portable, hand-held ultrasound device, which can perform a quick, easy and non-invasive scan of the bladder to determine urine output that may be inhibited as a result of an anaesthetic or medical issue.

Cost: $16,330

Bladder Scanner

Denyers Operating Table $58,478

The Denyers XRT5000 is a high quality Australian made operating table, rich in features including a large range of articulations and positions for all types of surgery, easy of use and a durable design.

Cost: $58,478

Denyers XRT5000 Operating Table

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Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Seek advice from an appropriately qualified health practitioner before proceeding with any procedure.
Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Seek advice from an appropriately qualified health practitioner before proceeding with any procedure.