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Pregnancy and Childbirth Education Program

To assist you and your family in preparing for the birth of your new baby, we offer a flexible, comprehensive parenting education program (antenatal classes), which includes information about preparing for labour, birth, breast feeding, preparing for home, twin births and parenting skills.

Early pregnancy session

Our Early Pregnancy Session is designed for expectant parents between approximately 12-22 weeks gestation. Led by one of our experienced Midwives, as well as a Physiotherapist, the two-hour session will explore the many changes you will experience in the coming months.

You will learn about the physical changes associated with pregnancy and be provided with information about maintaining your health and wellbeing (including nutrition and fitness), as well as information about the obstetric care and services available to you at Burnside Hospital.


Birth and Parenting sessions 

Designed for expectant first-parents between approximately 28-34 weeks gestation, these valuable Birth and Parenting classes are facilitated by a midwife with a physiotherapy component, and cover all aspects of labour and birth, including pain relief options and coping methods, characteristics of newborns, your hospital stay, preparation for parenthood, its challenges and more.  Participants will be provided a tour of the labour and maternity unit, if interested.

The Birth and Parenting antenatal session is available in two formats:

  1. A comprehensive one-day seminar held between 9.30am and 4pm on a Saturday, ideally undertaken between 32-34 weeks of pregnancy; OR
  2. Evening option – run over a three week period and consisting of a two-hour class per week, between 7pm – 9pm on a week night. If you choose this option, you should commence at 28-30 weeks of pregnancy. 


Refresher session

The two-hour ‘Refresher session’, held on weeknights, provides those with previous parenting experience the opportunity to refresh their knowledge and confidence at approximately 32 weeks. The refresher antenatal class focuses on labour and birth, but also covers what to expect from the hospital stay and information on preparing children for the arrival of a new sibling.

It is also your opportunity to clarify any concerns or issues with one of our experienced midwives.  


Feeding Session

Attending the Feeding Session provides you with information about feeding techniques, and will assist you in developing skills and confidence for feeding your baby. The two-hour session, conducted in the evening, is suitable for both first-time and experienced mothers who are between approximately 34-36 weeks. A support person is welcome to attend also.


Further information:

Refreshments are provided at all sessions.

To book a class, please click here or phone 08 8202 7219.

Please note, Burnside Hospital’s Antenatal Education Program is a complimentary service for patients who are having their baby at the Burnside Hospital. 

For more information about our Antenatal Education Program or to change session times, please contact the Maternity Unit on 8202 7219 between 8am and 4pm, Monday to Friday. 

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