Obstetrics (Maternity) & Neonatal

Neonatal Care

Paediatricians are doctors who specialise in the care of children.

Burnside Hospital has a team of experienced, accredited visiting private Paediatricians who work within our Maternity and Obstetrics Unit. While Paediatricians do not attend vaginal births unless requested, Paediatricians routinely attend elective and emergency caesarean section births, and in some cases delivery of multiple births, premature babies, breech deliveries or for previously identified problems.

Paediatric care is available at Burnside Hospital 24 hours a day, seven days a week by our specialists (including public holidays). The Paediatrician to whom your Obstetrician has referred your baby's care will examine your baby usually within the first 48 hours of life to check their overall health. This also provides an opportunity for you to discuss baby management, any family history of relevance or other concerns you might have.

This Paediatrician may visit you and your baby on a regular basis during your hospital stay and they will also organise or offer to see your baby several weeks later, to check that the normal developmental milestones are being achieved and is feeding and growing appropriately.

You will receive an account for this medical care, which usually includes an out-of-pocket gap payment.

Unless there are some specific problems, a baby does not generally need to be admitted to the Special Care Nursery and therefore medical care will be as an outpatient or boarder and so not covered by your health insurance. This will normally be rebated instead by Medicare.

The attending Paediatricians aim to provide a supportive and informative service which complements the Maternity Unit quality of care provided and overall experience at Burnside Hospital.


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Important update for patients and visitors regarding COVID-19

With SA Health announcing recently that we are in a new phase of COVID-19 pandemic, in consultation with members of the Medical Executive Committee, Burnside Hospital has implemented a restricted visitor policy effective from 15th March 2020.

Please read more about how we are restricting access to the hospital to keep our patients and staff safe.

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Important update for patients and visitors regarding COVID-19