Plans for new day surgery environment at Burnside Hospital

4 February 2016

Plans for a major refurbishment of Burnside Hospital's Short Stay Procedure Unit (SSPU) are well underway, which would see the hospital deliver new day surgery facilities (pre and post operative).

In what would be the most significant redevelopment at the hospital since its upgrade in 2002, a new SSPU would set the benchmark for, in particular, the patient pre-operative experience.

With greater space and ambience, new patient amenities would improve not only a patient's comfort and privacy, but would also have an impact on what patients can do while waiting for their procedure.

Burnside Hospital CEO, Heather Messenger, explained that the development presents an exciting time for the hospital and demonstrates a strong commitment to providing quality healthcare for patients in Adelaide.

"The redevelopment is something that patients, staff and specialists have eagerly anticipated and we are now close to realising our vision of a new and improved day surgeyr environment," she said.

"The development would ensure that we can provide our day surgery patients with contemporary healthcare well into the future and an improved working environment for visiting specialists and hospital staff."

In line with the National Safety & Quality Health Service Standards, Burnside Hospital has been committed to partnering with consumers to help improve both the design of its health services and the patient experience.

"The active participation of consumers in this process has given us confidence that these new facilities will be responsive to the things that matter to patients while they wait."

"Burnside Hospital has a strong reputation in South Australia, and the proposed expansion continues the hospital's commitment to providing enhanced care and service to our patients, while meeting the growing needs of the privately insured and self insured community," said Ms Messenger.

Following further planning and approvals, it is hoped that work on the new SSPU will commence in early to mid 2016.

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