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Maternity Outreach Program at the InterContinental

Our midwives are dedicated to providing high quality, safe care to all mothers and babies. We also recognise the need to support parents and families in making a confident transition to parenthood.

Burnside Hospital’s Maternity Outreach Program at the InterContinental Adelaide supports the transition between our hospital and your home.

As each birth and situation is unique, this program is not available to everyone. It may be an option if you have had an uncomplicated vaginal birth or elective caesarean section. 

Your obstetrician, in consultation with the Maternity Service manager, will discuss your eligibility with you following your baby’s birth. It is also essential that a paediatrician check your baby before you transfer to
the hotel.

Why consider the Maternity Outpatient InterContinental Program?

The Maternity Outreach Program provides Burnside Hospital’s hallmark standard of care in a relaxed, less clinical environment.

The InterContinental Adelaide offers spacious, luxurious rooms and superb service in a picturesque riverside location just five kilometres from the hospital.

If eligible for this service, you, your new baby and partner will be able to spend the rest of your stay in a beautifully appointed hotel guestroom before returning home. Your visitors are welcome at the InterContinental Adelaide.

24 hour maternity support

Burnside Hospital’s experienced midwives will be available 24 hours a
day to assist both you and your baby. Please note there are no nursery facilities available at the hotel.

Should either you or your baby need medical attention while staying at the InterContinental Adelaide, you will be transferred back to the hospital’s Maternity Unit. This decision will be made by the midwife caring for you at the hotel in consultation with your obstetrician or paediatrician and the hospital.

Costs during your InterContinental stay

Your stay at the InterContinental Adelaide is included in the obstetric benefit set by your private health insurer. We will ask you to finalise any out-of-pocket costs related to your hospital stay before you transfer to the hotel.

Your hotel package includes:

  • Up to 2 nights accommodation – your partner and another child can stay in your room at no extra cost
  • A specially tailored menu including three meals and morning and afternoon tea daily from room service at times that suit you
  • Housekeeping
  • Local phone calls
  • Transfer between the hospital and hotel in a chauffeur-driven courtesy vehicle
  • Complimentary valet parking for your partner's vehicle
  • Access to Club Choice Fitness Centre.

The InterContinental Adelaide will charge your credit card for any extra costs while staying at the hotel. These costs include partner’s and children’s meals and bar fridge contents.

For more information about the Burnside Hospital Maternity Outreach Program at the InterContinental Adelaide, please ask the midwife at your antenatal class or the Clinical Manager of our Maternity Service.

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