Burnside Hospital welcomes an expanded urology service to support patients

7 December 2017

Burnside Hospital is delighted to announce the addition of three Urologists, Dr Mark Lloyd, Dr Peter Penkoff and Dr Dan Spernat to our hospital. Urology treats conditions involving the kidney, bladder, prostate and male reproductive system, including prostate cancer, incontinence and sexual dysfunction.

The three specialists will offer multidisciplinary care to patients with a range of issues. Dr Penkoff is available immediately to accept referrals and is now consulting in Suite 2 at Attunga Medical Centre at Burnside Hospital. Dr’s Lloyd and Spernat will be commencing at Burnside in the New Year. Prostate cancer is a very common disease and its incidence is increasing as the male population lives longer. Surgery for this common cancer remains important with novel surgical approaches now available. Burnside is well placed to manage urological procedures in conjunction with our wide specialist network and exceptional oncology service at the Brian Fricker Oncology Centre.

Burnside Hospital CEO, Heather Messenger, says the addition of the expanded urology service has been a long-term project and will ‘not only add another valuable provision to the hospital’s offerings and support our other specialists, but will welcome a new cohort of patients to the hospital and assist with recalibrating our focus in line with our vision and mission to include a greater proportion of men’s health’. It is anticipated that the investment in our new day surgery facilities will enable the expanded urology service to provide procedures such as cystoscopy, vasectomy, urethral strictures and scrotal surgery immediately; with other procedures including the management of lower urinary tract conditions such as prostate and stone related disease procedures available in the New Year.

Specialist Gynaecological Oncologist Prof Martin Oehler, a member of the Hospitals Medical Executive Committee and Chairman of the hospital’s Perioperative Committee, affirmed that the hospital’s existing gynaecological services will benefit from onsite urologists and commended the hospital for its efforts in this area.


Visiting Urologists:

DR MARK LLOYD (08) 8244 4105
DR PETER PENKOFF 1300 857 071
DR DAN SPERNAT (08) 8244 4105

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