Don’t Let a Sleep Disorder Ruin Your Relationship 14 March 2018

While a loudly dozing bed-partner is certainly annoying and has left many of us missing a few hours of sleep, spare a thought for those whose partners chronic snoring is taking a long-term toll on their own long-term health, their work, and even impairing their ability to drive.

Burnside Hospital Breast Surgery Team on Channel Ten Weather 3 October 2017

Kate Freebairn from Channel Ten visited Burnside to celebrate Pink Ribbon Day 2017. The Breast Surgery group were in attendance and Dr Peter Shin was interviewed.

Thom Rebner Retires after 43 Years at Burnside Hospital 4 July 2017

Burnside Hospital announces the retirement of our longest serving staff member, Clinical Manager of the Perioperative Service, Yvonne ‘Thom’ Rebner. Thom arrived at Burnside Hospital in 1974 as a 23-year old Registered Nurse and has participated in over 50,000 surgical procedures in her 43 years at the Hospital.

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