Celebrating 20 Years of Breast Care

25 October 2018

Burnside Hospital celebrated the 20-year partnership with the Breast and Endocrine Centre in October with a birthday party for the multidisciplinary team at Attunga House.

The anniversary also celebrates a new era of breast care as the two founding doctors, Dr’s Clive Hoffmann and Stephen Birrell, welcomed the Directorship of three new Breast and Endocrine surgeons, Dr Subhita Prasannan, Dr Peter Shin and Dr Andrew Kiu.

The Breast and Endocrine Centre was originally established at Attunga House in partnership with the Burnside Hospital in October 1998. The Breast Centre team now consists of the two founding surgeons, the three new surgeons, a breast clinician, a clinical psychiatrist, three Burnside Hospital breast care nurses and four supporting
administrative staff. In addition, there is a multi-disciplinary team consisting of breast specialist radiologists and pathologists, medical and radiation oncologists and plastic and reconstructive surgeons who meet on a weekly basis to provide expert input into the clinical management of each patient with breast cancer.

The continuity of care model has flourished and today, some 8000 patients per year continue to receive care and support at the Breast and Endocrine Centre, with approximately 600 breast related surgical procedures being conducted at Burnside Hospital in the last year, including breast reconstructions. All five specialist are trained as
general surgeons and provide these services to patients. In addition, the Breast Centre Specialists are available to assess and treat patients with endocrine problems such as thyroid, parathyroid and adrenal conditions.

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