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Our current goal

We’re changing the way in which we do things – and it’s up to you to choose!

In 2016, we are offering three options, so you can choose which area your gift will help.

  1. New specialty recliners for the Short Stay Procedure Unit (Day Surgery): Burnside Hospital will soon commence major redevelopment of the patient waiting areas for Day Surgery, including the post-procedure (recovery) area. The new recliners - which are quite different to a standard lounge seat! - can be reclined almost to a bed. They will meet high level infection control standards; they can be easily moved or relocated if needed; and they will offer better comfort, privacy and an improved patient experience. Each recliner costs approximately $6,000.
  2. Hospital beds replacement project: The hospital is about to commence a rolling, four year project to replace its 76 hospital beds. Between 10 and 20 beds will be replaced from 2016 to July 2017. At a cost of approximately $6,000 each, the new beds are a high funding priority. They will meet stringent Infection Control and patient weight requirements, reduce the risks of patient and/or staff injury, have a high/low ability that will reduce the risk of patient falls, will be easy to move and relocate, and will improve patient comfort.
  3. The area of greatest need: The Board of the Burnside Hospital Foundation will decide on the best use of the funds given for this purpose, in consultation with the hospital.


In February 2016, our Foundation donated $35,000 to the hospital towards the costs of installing a new theatre camera system to be used across all five of its operating theatres.

In March 2015, our Foundation donated $50,000 to the hospital towards the costs of installing new high efficiency LED theatre lights in all five of its operating theatres. You can read more about this project, and about highlights of some other previous successful fundraising campaigns, here.


If you would like further information, please do not hesitate to contact the Foundation:

Robyn Downing, Executive Officer, Burnside Hospital Foundation - available on Tuesday and Friday afternoons.

Phone: (08) 8202 7248

Mobile: 0408 758 082

Email: foundation@burnsidehospital.asn.au

Post: Burnside Hospital Foundation Inc, 120 Kensington Rd, Toorak Gardens SA 5065

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