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There’s an important change about to take place for the Burnside Hospital Foundation.

Late last year, as part of our ongoing commitment to good corporate governance, the Burnside Hospital Foundation Incorporated undertook a review of its structure - the first since it was established in 1998 as a separately incorporated body to the Burnside War Memorial Hospital. In recent years, an increasing amount of time has been required for administrative issues, especially those relating to federal and state charity and fundraising legislation compliance and reporting, for both the hospital and Foundation. As the Foundation exists solely for the benefit of the Burnside War Memorial Hospital, the structural review examined various options for streamlining and reducing complexity and double handling of administrative functions.


After much consideration of the alternative legal structures available to comply with taxation legislation, the Foundation, in collaboration with the hospital’s Board of Directors, decided to merge the Foundation back into the hospital.


This means that the Foundation is becoming a special committee reporting to the Hospital’s Board of Directors, tasked with fundraising for the benefit of the hospital and its patients, rather than continuing as a separately incorporated body. By simplifying the Foundation’s structure in this way, we consider that we will be able to focus even more of our effort on fundraising and giving support to the Burnside Hospital!


The new Foundation Committee - with the same members who were on the previous Board, as listed below - will still oversee fundraising projects, including managing a new long term Investment Fund being established for the future benefit of the hospital; this fund has strict guidelines on how the funds are to be invested and used.


Our donors will still be able to choose from specific fund raising projects that appeal to them at a personal level - or they may choose to direct donations to assist in building the Investment Fund. Further more detailed information about the new Investment Fund will be provided to all of our loyal supporters in due course.


These structural changes for the Foundation are already being implemented, but the process will take a little time to complete. In the meantime, the Burnside Hospital Foundation will continue to raise funds from the community to help the hospital in its mission.


If you have any queries about this structural administrative change, please contact Burnside Hospital Foundation’s Executive Officer Mrs Robyn Downing on 8202 7248 or 0408 75 80 82, or the Burnside Hospital’s Chief Executive Officer, Ms Heather Messenger on 8202 7208.


Burnside Hospital Foundation Committee 2017:

Mr John D Gerard - Chairman

Ms Melanie Cooper AM - Deputy Chair

Mrs Sue Binns

Mr Simon Haigh

Mr Greg Lloyd

Mrs Bardie Simpson OAM

Mr Frank Kite - Chairman, Burnside Hospital Board of Directors

Ms Heather Messenger - CEO, Burnside Hospital





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