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In memoriam gifts

From time to time, family members choose to ask their friends and relatives to make donations to our hospital, in memory of a recently deceased loved one. This may be to support a particular purpose, to help a specific part of the hospital - or for the hospital generally.

The Burnside Hospital Foundation will use In Memoriam funds collected to assist in funding needed equipment or patient care facilities, plus acknowledgment signage. No other administration fees or costs are deducted from the total raised.

Decisions on the items to be funded are made in close consultation with the hospital, using clinical guidelines for the ward or unit. When the item is purchased, where feasible a small sign will be attached to it, to dedicate it to the memory of the deceased person, or a small acknowledgement sign placed in a suitable nearby area. 

For further details on how In Memoriam gifts can help, please contact the Foundation office any Tuesday or Friday afternoon on 8202 7248, or call the Foundation Executive Officer on 0408 758 082.

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